Shahi Meva

Shahi Meva


Shahi Meva

Product Type

Pan Masala

Country of origin


Results of analysis

Analyte Result
Nicotine 0.01%
Cadmium 0.02 mg/kg
Lead 0.07 mg/kg
Mercury <0.001 mg/kg
Nicotine <0.01 % w/w

Analyst's observations

The sample consisted essentially of fragments of date, coconut and almond with sugar coated fennel seed. No leaf or stem material was found in the sample and chemical analysis found no evidence of the presence of nicotine. Based on a natural nicotine content of dried tobacco ranging from 2 to 8 percent, the results indicate the sample contained less than 0.5% tobacco, if any.


Unless stated, all results are expressed on a sample as received basis.

Page updated: 02 Apr 2021