RMD Gutkha

RMD Gutkha


RMD Gutkha (contains tobacco)

Product Type:


HMRC commodity code

Chewing tobacco (see rates of duty)

Country of origin


Results of analysis

Method Code Determination Result
  Seal Number B000571
  Nicotine mg/Kg 2780
A0049 Arsenic mg/Kg < 1.0

 Analyst's observations

The sample was submitted in a sealed plastic bag. The container was marked "This product may cause mouth cancer". In the opinion of the analyst, the content of nicotine was typical for this kind of product.


The certificate of analysis relates to a particular sample of a product. While the analysis MAY give an indication of the likely content of other similarly branded products, it cannot be used as a definitive guide. Additional testing is recommended.

Page updated: 30 Mar 2021