Chaman Bahar

Chaman Bahar


Chaman Bahar (does not contain tobacco)

Product Type

Rose Powder

Country of origin


Results of analysis

Method Code Determination Result
  Seal Number 02138808
  Nicotine mg/Kg
A0049 Arsenic mg/Kg
FD145 Lead mg/Kg 0.77
FD145 Cadimum 0.05

Analyst's observations

The sample was submitted in a metal can and the can displayed artwork printed on both the outer and inner surfaces. Nicotine was not detected in the sample.


The certificate of analysis relates to a particular sample of a product. While the analysis MAY give an indication of the likely content of other similarly branded products, it cannot be used as a definitive guide. Additional testing is recommended.

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Page updated:2022
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